Muay thai fight. Alex Titov (St. Petersburg,Muay Thai Academy) vs Hramov Alexey (Combat Moscow))


04.11.2011 Muay Thai. Kstovo


Vitaly Nikiforov wins the Corona Cup VII 4 man-tournament.

    November 18.  Bookmaker Pub "Corona" held Corona Cup VII. It was the first Thai boxing 4 man-tournament involving Andrei Perepelkin, Oleg Skakalov, Vitaly Nikiforov and Sergey Mortyanu in the series of events held on the ring of “Corona”. Friday's show was also remarkable for the first time participation of Alexander Surjko and Edgar Aratyunyan.
   In the first semifinal of the 4 man-tournament met Andrei Perepelkin (Nizhniy Novgorod) and the representative of Belarus Oleg Skakalov. In the first round of the fight the Belarusian offered clinching, with strong knees and elbows.

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November 11, 2011 in Moscow, Novy Arbat, "Corona" bookmaker pub held Corona Cup-6 show with 5 Muay Thai fights.


The results of the evening:

In the first fight in the 63.5 kg weight category Rasul Kachakaev met a Belarusian fighter Sergei Muha. The first round was dictated by the representative of the Moscow "Varyag" club Rasul Kachakaev. The second round was also taken by Moscow athlete who has shown a greater variety of techniques, but Sergei was not going to give up and managed to cut his rival with elbow in the clinch. The doctors managed to stop the bleeding and Kachakaev brought the fight to the winning finish. Despite the vigorous actions of the Belarusian fighter who had boosted in the ending round, the unanimous decision victory was given to Rasul Kachakaev.

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October 22, 2011, Moscow held a joint W5 and Fight Code show. The evening began with the W5 battles. All of the W5 super fights were held in K-1 rules and were limited by three rounds, 3 minutes long each.
The evening was opened with a fight between Vitali Lisnyak (Ukraine) and Evgeny Khil representing Russia, in which the victory by unanimous decision went to the Ukrainian fighter.

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